Frequently Asked Questions

Does the hotel stay open?

Yes, will stay open for the time being.

Can I still enjoy breakfast in the hotel? And what can I expect?

Hotelguests can still enjoy our breakfast in the hotel. The breakfast will either be served at the table or as buffet. During the buffet walk with your own plate alongside with your own tongs, afterwards you take place at your table. Please keep in mind to follow our walk routes. addition, we will place disinfectants and we will ensure that a maximum of 30 people simultaneously use a breakfast room by means of time blocks.  

Do I have to wear a face mask at the hotel?

Yes, wearing a non-medical face mouth mask is mandatory. This way you not only protect yourself, but also other guests and staff.

I have booked a non-refundable booking, can I cancel this free of charge?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. We use the booking conditions that you agreed to when making the booking.

I have booked a non-refundable booking, can I reschedule it free of charge?

No, unfortunately this is not possible. We use a change fee of € 15.00 per reservation to move your reservation.

Are all facilities in the hotel open?

Yes, the gym, laundry room and bar / lobby are open. We ask you to only enter the fitness and laundry room when no other guest is using it at that time. In the bar / lobby you can have a seated seat with a maximum of 4 people from the same household, provided that you keep 1.5 meters away from other guests. The bar is open until 10pm.

What measures are used in the hotel?

The staff wears a face mask, there are marked walking routes on the ground and there are sufficient disinfection points where you can disinfect your hands. All rooms and common areas are cleaned daily.

Is my room cleaned daily?

No, to limit contact moments as much as possible, we clean your room before arrival and every 3rd night.

Does the staff wear masks?

Yes, the staff wear masks when they walk around.

Are there sufficient disinfection points?

Yes, there are sufficient disinfection points in the hotel. You will find a station in every common area.

Is the check-in / check-out now different than normal?

You must fill in a registration card at check-in. You hereby declare that you are healthy and free from complaints that resemble the Corona virus. You must also provide your details for the source and contact investigation of the GGD.

Why do I have to provide my details?

The staff is obliged to request your contact details for the GGD source and contact investigation in the event of an infection. The data will be destroyed after 14 days.